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Moxtek was founded in 1986 with the development of ultra-thin polymer x-ray windows. These high performance windows are ideal for applications that require the highest transmission of light element energies, light rejection, vacuum tightness, and reliability.

In 1991, Moxtek released the DuraBeryllium® x-ray window platform. DuraBeryllium windows use a special thin coating of DuraCoat®; a low-Z material applied to beryllium that provides a hermetic and corrosion resistant barrier. DuraBeryllium windows are resistant to moisture and harsh chemicals.

In 1995, Moxtek introduced a high performance ultra-low noise JFETs. These JFETs are key components in detectors used for microanalysis, energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) and x-ray diffraction (XRD).

In 1997, Moxtek released a Si-PIN x-ray detector optimized for EDXRF and XRD applications. Moxtek Si-PIN detectors are optimized to provide maximum resolution, count rate, and energy absorption.

In 2001, Moxtek revolutionized portable and handheld XRF instrumentation with the new generation of the miniaturized Bullet™ x-ray source. Moxtek x-ray sources replaced radioactive isotopes in many applications. Moxtek x-ray sources are compact, lightweight, and operate with low power consumption which is ideal for portable applications.

In 2002, Moxtek introduced the nano-tech based ProFlux® Polarizer. This polarizer has superior performance in high flux projection systems used in business projectors and rear projection HDTVs. The Pro-Flux polarizer was awarded the 2002 Silver Award by the Society for Information Display (SID). The ProFlux polarizer and beam splitter have enabled great performance improvements in the projection, imaging, and optical
spectroscopy applications.

Moxtek was acquired in 2004 by Polatechno, a company headquartered in Niigata, Japan. Polatechno was established in July 1991 by Nippon Kayaku and Arisawa Manufacturing. Polatechno is a market leader in optical components for display technologies.

Today, Moxtek continues to develop components used to promote new scientific discovery and to improve the quality of everyday life. Moxtek has an enhanced portfolio of x-ray and optical products designed to enable maximized performance.

Moxtek is ISO 9001 certified.


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