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Q: Does Moxtek offer a complete X-ray System for analysis, imaging, or inspection?A: No. Moxtek only offers components for x-ray analysis, imaging, and inspection. Q: What does "moderate" mean as referred to in Moxtek presentation files?A: "Moderate light levels" mean, the light level that will maintain the flatness of the PBF and will not cause a distortion in the image because of thermal expansion. There have been no problems in any applications with thermal expansion induced distortion.Q: What information is  needed to send a quote?A: Please visit any of our product pages and fill out a Request a Quote page. This includes; contact details, a brief description, quantity, required date, specifications, and applications of a specific product in the comments field. Once the information is received, we will respond promptly. Q: Will Moxtek customize its products based on customer needs?A: Yes. Moxtek excels at meeting the specific customer requirements. Q: How long does it take to process the order?A: The lead time is typically 2-6 weeks. Custom order lead time is determined on an individual basis. Q: Do you have distributors outside the US?A: Yes. A list of distributor contact information can be found here. Q: How can I find out the price of a specific component?A: Please, visit any of our product pages and request a quoteQ: What's the lead-time if I want to order some (20 to 100 ) Moxtek samples ?A: Please visit any of our product pages and request a quote. Q: What's the lead-time of MP pieces?A: Please visit any of our product pages and request a quote. Q. What is Moxtek's positions on the "Conflict Minerals" issue? A: Moxtek does not knowingly purchase any of the following metals unless they come from "conflict free" smelters: tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold. Moxtek requires all suppliers to purchase these metals from conflict free smelters.


Q: Does Moxtek offer the power supply for x-ray tubes?A: Yes. All our x-ray sources include the power supply. Q: What power supply controller do you recommend for Moxtek tubes?A: Moxtek recommends the FTC-200 X-ray Tube Controller. Please visit FTC-200 Tube Controller page for more details. Q: Does Moxtek manufacture tubes with higher voltage than 40kV?A: Yes. Moxtek offers the 50kV MAGNUM X-ray tube. Q: Are Optional Ribbon Cable (ASM00362) and Optional 2-PIN Secondary Cable (ASM00364) delivered with the product?A: Optional Ribbon Cable and Optional 2-pin Secondary cable for working with tubes are delivered separately upon customer's request. Q: Is Beryllium a potential carcinogen? A: The x-ray windows made by Moxtek do not under normal conditions, represent an inhalation, ingestion or contact hazard. Exposure limits are not applicable to the x-ray windows during normal, intended use. Please see Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) for conditions that could cause harmful exposure to Beryllium.


Q: What's the difference between your PBF02A and PBS02A ?A: PBF02A is 3 waves/inch flat and is 1.6+/-0.1mm thick. PBS02A is not optically flat and is 0.7+/-0.07mm thick. The flatness of the PBF allows it to be used as a fine optical component. The PBF can be used with confidence in the imaging path without any distortion. Q: What is the difference between the PBS series (PBS and PBF) and the PPL series?A: PBS02A and PBF02A are both optimized for AOI=45 degree, and PPL is optimized for AOI close to 0 degree. Q: What's the smallest size your PBF/PBS/PPL can be cut into? What's the tolerance? A: 7x7mm is the smallest size a PBF/PBS/PPL can be cut, with a tolerance of +/-0.2mm for both the X and Y directions. Q: Do you offer only 1.6 mm thickness for PBF02A?A: Yes. Q: Can the flatness be better than 3 waves/inch?A: Yes, but since it would be a non-standard part, it becomes much more expensive. We have found that 3waves/inch achieves a nice balance between cost and performance.  Q: When will PBF move to MP phase?A: We need 60-90 days lead time for volume orders of PBF. This is necessary for ordering the PBF substrates.Q: Is it possible to customize the AR coating (or other types of diachronic coating) spec needed?A: Anything that is non-standard will be more expensive, but is possible. It is possible to work with other coating houses, but it is easier for Moxtek to work with companies in the US. Q: Does the cost relate to the thickness (0.7 mm or 1.6 mm)?A: Partially, the thick flat substrate cost more than the 0.7mm substrate because the thick substrate is polished. Q: What are the definitions of, and differences between optical grade 0/1/2/4? IA: The difference is the size of the defects. The defect size ranges from 1mm for optical grade 4 and 150 microns for optical grade 0. Q: Any recommendation on the most optimized cutting size from cost viewpoint?A: The smaller the better, leave at least 1-2mm edge exclusion around the part.

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