X-ray Sources

Moxtek® develops and manufactures low power, miniature x-ray tubes and sources for a variety of applications including handheld and benchtop instruments. Moxtek sources are small, lightweight, and can be packaged into custom enclosures including cabled and monoblock designs. A  controller for the source is also available.

The FTC-200 X-Ray Tube Controller is designed to power, control, and monitor miniature x-ray tubes.  The controller contains all of the necessary electronics to operate the high voltage power supply.  It provides input power to the high voltage power supply and controls the high voltage and emission current settings of the tube. The FTC-200 Controller includes built-in meters for convenient monitoring and display of the high voltage and emission current.



MAGNUM® X-ray Sources

40kV MAGNUM X-ray Sources and 50kV MAGNUM X-ray Sources are used for a variety of applications including handheld and benchtop instruments. The improved electron efficiency of the MAGNUM X-ray source produces a 15% higher output with a 30% smaller spot size at the same emission current levels than any other Moxtek X-ray source. Transmission and Reflection sources operate on the input voltage range of 7-12 VDC with the maximum power consumption of 7-20 W, which makes them ideal for the light weight portable instruments for small animal imaging.These sources are available as cabled and integrated packages. Tube Control Options: FTC200 Controller.

Features Benefits
Small, compact design Close coupling of source to detector
Lightweight Portable, versatile, easy to integrate
Stable output Enable precise, calibrated measurements
Low power consumption

Long battery life

Low spectral contamination High precision of analysis
High x-ray output

Short sampling time

Customizable configurations Flexible form factor
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