X-ray Windows

Moxtek® is the leading manufacturer of X-ray Windows for a variety of applications.

AP Windows and ProLINE Series Windows are ideal for applications that require high transmission of low-energy x-rays.

DuraBeryllium® Windows are Beryllium windows that have DuraCoat®; a proprietary refractory material that makes Beryllium windows vacuum tight and highly resistant to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion. These windows are ideal for ultra-thin vacuum applications.

Moxtek Sealed Proportional Counter X-ray Windows are ideal for sealed proportional counter applications that require analysis of light elements. These windows have withstood over 100,000 cycles at 1.2 atmosphere of differential pressure without degradation in the window performance.

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Product Name AP3.3 ProLINE 10 ProLINe 20 Sealed Proportional Counter Windows DuraBeryllium
Window Material Polymer Polymer Polymer Polymer Beryllium
Coating Material DuraCoat, Al Al Al DuraCoat, Al DuraCoat
Open Area 77% 100% 76% 76% 100%
Vacuum tight 5x10-10 1x10-3 1x10-3 5x10-10 0<3x10-10
Front burst 2 atm 1.2 atm 1.2 atm 1.5 atm 2 atm
Frame Material Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal
Support Structure Parallel Ribs N/A Hexagon Mech Parallel Ribs N/A
Applications SiLi detectors Proportional counters Proportional counters Sealed proportional counters XRF, TXRF, PIXE
Drift detectors Chamber separation membrane Chamber separation membrane SiLi detectors
SEM, TEM Pin diode detectors
Windows non-detector


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